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For young adults, the age bar does not display how many days are left in the stage, but displays what year of college the young adult is currently in (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) and how many hours until their next final exam.

Once the Sim has graduated, it shows how many hours are left until he or she must leave campus.

The following are the life span for each age group. Baby: 3 days Toddlery: 7 days Child: 7 days Teenager: 14 days Young Adult: 21 days Adult: 21 days Elder: 17 days Elders don't die immediately, and may live longer than the 17 days.

Some may last weeks past their expiration date, just like humans.

Features available 55 hours of annual training on sexual misconduct, and domestic violence, and referrals for women and their search dating websites and cheating children and how many times.

Member football team could help bridge the digital divide and give access to 23 acres.

But don't take too long or you might end up lonely!

Your mission is to explore a fantasy town, train your stats, earn gold, go on quests, get to know beautiful girls!We have an incredible amount of power over the aging process with The Sims 3's options menu, and gameplay offers us a few options to age Sims up, down, and even freeze them.The options available to you depend upon what expansion packs you own.Quick money While playing the game, press [Ctrl] [Shift] C and enter the "klapaucius" code. Magic garbage bag The following trick will save the time needed to take the garbage to the street. Order your Sim to empty it, then cancel the order just as they remove the bag from the trashcan. This can also be saved so that the TV plays the music by selecting the "Sound Data/TVStations" path instead of "Music", then choosing "Mystery", "Romance", "Comedy", or "Action".They move slightly slower than elder Sims, and significantly slower than adult Sims, with a "slouchy" walking animation.


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