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And when it's time to go to the mall Girl: I need to go shopping.

Girl: 'Cause she doesn't like me and I don't like her.

i feel to laugh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAH I can't write.... *** L O N E L Y *** Dear All, I stumbled into this website by mistake. But Islam is a religion that teaches knowledge and seeking it. Thus, it's very important for each Muslim to know where he stands and to always keep in mind that, as he is given full right to make use of any opportunity offered by modern technology, he is also required not to forget the duty he owes to Almighty Allah Who subjects to him all such avenues of comfort and prosperity.

I have no particular interest in meeting boys or girls. I am a muslim and I happen to disagree greatly with Sara and Ahmed and a number of others who spoke in the name of Islam like they know. Talking to a boy over the internet on non sexual matters is NOT forbidden in Islam. He must not deviate, whatsoever, from the teachings of his religion, in order to preserve his noble identity.

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After a couple of minutes, we were all introducing ourselves and hitting it off like old friends.The other thing what i felt bad is some stupid girls are supporting them instead of correcting!!! With Regards, Lonely hi everybody , i am very glad to write this to search a new freiends (only girls please) becaude i am very poor :cry: in english and i want to improve it by chatting if u (i mean girls only )to chat with me please write ur emil and i hope it is from hotmail . the best way to learn english is not in the internet but try to check with some institutions and learn.... Whta if you work in a bank or a company, you don't communicate to your co-workers from the opposite sex? I am very passionate about such misunderstandings, and unfortunately I do not blame the non-Muslims for it. Assume if you will that a muslim girl met a muslim boy over the internet.. I'm an eduacted person and i'm hearing this for the 1st time in here... Lol i have to say something too , my dear sara in this world we face bad and good ,right and wrong,black and white it is up to us to choose wisley and know ourselves . Anyway, I agree with you that there are times that a lady shouldn't talk with a man. In my cell group the boy and girl can't be together.thanks, sara Hey, i just want to ask u something, if ur english is poor how come u write those above, i think u r joking!!! Byeeee of course yes , because islam prevent chatting between boys and girls for many reasons. It seems to me that this does not only limit possible sexual mistakes but also progress and development. they talked innocently and after awhile it developed into something...where's the harm? All the boys & girls who is looking for a nice friend could plz msg me. That is cool girl let's exchange e-mails and try to improve our english , hey we all can even do a group and invite each other to chat and improve our english in msn, how about that ? But you can still talk with some other people., as some other people said here, if there is something wrong you are talking about thru chat, there is nothing wrong. assalamu alaikkum, Guys who r all opposed sara must read this msge.prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.Two friends - a guy and a girl - were catching up over coffee, talking about their lives, families and marriage is not "haram" (a sin) to talk to boys or men as long as u dont have physical contact with long as he treats u like a sister nothing more and the same thing goes to the girl she must treat him as a brother and thats as far as the relationship will a sin if they talk about sex .... Dear Friend,,, I'm 23 yr old guy from UAE and i totally agree with u... U know there are some crazy girls who don't know to think wat to say before speaking.... I'm 23 yr old in Fujairah, if those intereseted could plz msg me...


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