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Grade: B Entire family: Yes 2007, 26 episodes (650 min.), Color Unrated (would be PG for mild thematic elements) New Video Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 Featured audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Bonus features: F Trailer When was pitched at adults, but teens also got caught up in it; this show about three teen girls who become mermaids targets teens and ‘tweens, but it hooks pre-‘tweens and parents as well.

We’ve watched in marathon sessions of six or so episodes in a row, and the kids will still say, “One more.” They’re not alone.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Sophie are getting closer to Mako and their secret, leaving the girls to clean up the mess.

What antics will they find themselves in, and how will they relate to the upcoming blue moon?

In the ‘80s and 90’s there were so many playparks and fields to play with all the other kids.

:) I've published one story there so far called "Fallin" (that I posted here now too). In this alternate universe, Cleo, Rikki and Emma never became mermaids. I have made a promo for this fic on youtube, and I'm planning to make a full trailer. But some realities are just too awful to contemplate." With all new drama, all new twists and all new challenges for our favourite characters, how will they get through their far from perfect lives this time? The moon pool looks like it was when Rikki, Emma and Cleo transformed.

I spent a lot of time at Bailies Road where my nana and granda lived.

I once painted a brick driveway there white with the owner’s daughter - we got into a lot of trouble for that!

Only two seasons with a 52-episode arc were planned, but fan demand forced the producers to come up with a third series.

In this show, as in is about three teens who end up transformed by an event at Mako Island so that every time water touches any part of their skin they change into mermaids.


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