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Fall premiere dates will be announced at a later time.

Please note that shows picked up but not listed on the schedule below will debut later in the 2017-18 season.

Lily Allen and Charlotte Church seem to be in permanent competition for the crown of Britain’s Most Politically Naive and Irritating Pop Singer.

Today, in response to my suggestion, following the Manchester terror attack, that decent, law-abiding Muslims should do more to root out radicalised members of their communities, Ms Church tweeted: ‘By your logic, men should do more to root out rapists. ’I stared at these breathtakingly stupid words for several long seconds, and decided there was simply no point trying to debate with somebody this dim.‘I can’t deal with your level of absurd, virtue-signalling ignorance today,’ I replied, ‘sorry.’Then Ms Allen piped up: ‘Please ignore Piers, he thrives on hate. ‘As somebody would could rock your soul or make you cry with a song, and somebody who’s kind, loved to laugh and loved his God.’ RIP Gregg Allman, a legend on and off stage.

Not really an entertaining video and even the "Little Mermaid" references stay a bit on the underwhelming side.

Only worth checking out if you are a truly big fan of the actress. However, Bloom's other works are superior, some of them by a lot.

The broadcasting business that runs the channel is a joint venture between Seven West Media and RV." A spokesman for RVL said detailed operational financials were commercial-in-confidence.

’To which Ricky Gervais responded: ‘I love the fact that, because you’re not his patient, he didn’t have to keep his diagnosis confidential.’Susanna Reid and I hosted an extended post-election Good Morning Britain special, which was a wildly exciting affair given all the hung Parliament chaos that erupted overnight. You were always going to be a Marmite-eater, weren’t you, Piers… It’s the purest, most brutal embodiment of real democracy.

Nigel Farage sat down at the desk for an interview just as my regular 7.30am plate of toast and Marmite arrived.‘Marmite? Last week, Susanna asked me who I’d most like to see get their comeuppance.‘Nick Clegg,’ I replied, unhesitatingly.

The one exception to her other music video spoofs is that this one also includes rap music parts.

There are one or two funny moments, but I must say, Bloom usually does better than what she delivers here.


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