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I wanted someone with a global mindset, preferably an American-born Chinese (ABC) who should not be more than five years older.

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Marriage rates are falling too, with decreases in the number of people between 15 – 44 who are married, and an increase in the median age of new brides in 2013 (27.4 years) and grooms (29.9 years) .In which case, the languages you speak and your race isn't important. In which case, your attractiveness to us would be the same as your attractiveness to girls in America. I'd like to introduce some government-collected data.I know OP talked about dating, but the Singapore Government doesn't collect info on dating couples.Since marriage is a common goal for a dating couple, let's look at the data we do have.I have read everything about Singapore (laws, conduct, climate...) but I still have a few doubts about the climate and the quality of life for a single it really dump all year?


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