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Your car and wallet will thank you because you will be cutting down on fuel, maintenance, repair bills, and Parking Permit costs by leaving your car home occasionally.

In addition, if you Carpool, we have reserved spaces for you.

The free on-line Carpool matching services is located at Carpool Matching.

Once you have formed your Carpool, come to the Parking and Transit Services Office located at 1006 W. Once you have formed your Carpool group, please fill out the Carpool Registration Form that can be found at OSU Carpool Registration Form (Faculty/Staff or Student).

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Both state and federal laws strictly prohibit and punish internet sex crimes, and viewing or distributing child pornography or soliciting a minor online can lead to significant prison terms and sex offender registration.So, sit back and chat with your new Carpool buddies. The OSU Parking and Transit Services Office offers a free online matching service which helps people locate others interested in Carpooling.When matches are identified, you will be contacted by e-mail of potential carpool participants in your area. If you already Carpool, you may use this service to locate new or additional riders.Sometimes, the anonymity of the internet can make it easy to seem like a person’s acts are not really harmful, and can make it difficult to resist the lure of illicit images or conversations.People tend to forget that the files and data do not just disappear once the computer is logged off or the files are deleted.Thank you for visiting this website, which is operated by an Affiliate of Sinclair Television Group, Inc. This site is one of a network of ad-supported sites operated by Affiliates of Sinclair each of which also operates a local television station (each a "Sinclair Affiliate Site" and, collectively, the "Sinclair Network of Sites").


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