Liberal dating conservative

Single conservatives are often asked, “Would you be willing to date a liberal?

” For most of the conservatives I know, that’s a difficult question. Cross-political dating usually ends quickly, with the liberal party deciding that he or she simply can’t be around someone who doesn’t share the “approved” perspective.

It’s certainly easier to be with someone whose values align with our own, but we would be open to meeting someone and seeing what happens. This happened recently to two of my friends in our over-politicized society. Living in Los Angeles, Courtenay didn’t assume anything about the political leanings of her blind date; she was simply open to meeting a new guy and seeing what happened over dinner.

It hit me like a bullet: I am a staunch liberal Democrat.I started to panic, fearing he could be Paul Ryan disguised as Ben Affleck.Even if I were even lucky enough for him to be interested in me, the political lines were drawn.But some of them are totally crazy — and show that you might be giving away more information than you think on your profile, even if you don't list your political affiliation anywhere.Here are just a few tidbits: Ok Cupid found that 50 percent of its users won't date someone with opposing political views, a number that keeps going up since 2008.Could I really date someone who was a conservative?


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