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NET Compact Framework is strongly recommended for all users looking to get the most out of their device by trying out the full range of software available.

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Your app then saves the downloaded byte[] array in the same folder as the original EXE file, and with the same original name (e.g. Having an application update itself without requiring the user to restart is a huge pain in the butt (you have to kick off a separate process to do the updating, which means a separate updater application that cannot itself be auto-updated) and I've never been able to make it work 100% reliably.I found one article on MSDN from 2003 that explains it quite well. Anyone really done it before or does everyone rely on third party solutions? Basically, your application calls a web service to compare its version with the version available on the server.I have been specifically asked to do it this way, so if you know of any tips/caveats, any info is appreciated. If the server version is newer, your application downloads the new EXE as a byte[] array. When the user restarts the app, it will be the new version they're starting.I’m guessing when you are updating your UI from a worker thread you are doing something like this: What is happening here is a worker thread is created when this CE application first starts.The thread enters a loop that won’t end until the form is closed.If you answered predictability then you can skip ahead to “What you should do after you got it wrong”.


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